Review: Brunch at Sunday Hemingford Road, Barnsbury N1

The problem with Sunday brunch in London is that everyone wants one.  Every man and his iPad toting dog wants to sip a latte and enjoy a scrambled egg on stone baked sough dough. Shed loads of demand, and limited supply. Disaster.

So when a quality establishment opens just around the corner, and, when it’s slightly off the beaten track, escaping the bulk of the aforementioned hordes, this is a very, very, good thing.

“Sunday” has opened on the Hemingford Road site of what was Christoffer Hruskova’s  “unpretentious bistro”, Fig. After a considerably makeover, it’s opened serving lunch, dinner and, as I’m most interested in, Brunch! We arrived it evoked a casual cool, a place you would want to sit and read the papers. You know, a place to sit and enjoy your sunday sleepy haze.


A light and energising interior with plenty of natural light, polished timbers and “effortlessly-shabby-skandi-look-furniture”.

You’ll find a comprehensive brunch menu. A granola, fruit, eggs a few ways and the obligatory french toast. You know the drill.

Clockwise from top left: Savoury cakes with poached eggs, poached eggs with spinach and mushroom. A nice touch: a vintage glass paperweight adorned the bill, and finally a well made Cappuccino.

I pride myself on my home cooked brunches, so to say that the dishes we had were solid is quite a compliment. Served on decent, chunky bread, with properly poached eggs and reasonable serving sizes. They were more than accommodating about removing salmon here and adding a poached egg there. Coffee was well made from Caravan roast beans. The service we found solid and friendly, and, shock horror – the bill came to just over £20, including coffees, result!

And I can’t not mention the objects that show up, around table settings and sideboards. A vintage glass paperweight here, found objects there and neat little jam jars for the orange juice, everywhere. It seemed to me that someone had put their heart into these touches. And rather than be trite or overdone, they landed, quite nicely.

Jam jar'd OJ. It could have been cliched, but wasn't.

Jam jar’d orange juice. It could have been clichéd, but somehow it wasn’t.

Word has certainly got out, although it only opened in mid-summer, Sunday was heaving by the time we left. Some customers came in to make enquiries for later. Sadly, Sunday couldn’t transport us to an alternate reality with fewer seeking out their Sunday brunch, but we can’t blame them for that. And it’s great to have another quality brunch on the N1 Brunch list. I’ll certainly be back.

Foodstinct ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ (4)
Non-meat options ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
(4 because they don’t mind subbing)
Service ♦ ♦ ♦ (3)
Atmosphere ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ (4)

169 Hemingford Rd
London, N1
(020) 7607 3868

Twitter: @SundayBarnsbury

Reviewer: Jared
August 25, 2013

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