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You know the place when you first walk in, you’re not sure. But somehow it slips in, it reaches inside you and before you know, you’ve let go of your trepidation and really enjoy it?

You know that place?

I have walked past Burrito Brothers 1,000 times. At least. But tonight I had a distinct urge to give it a try.


I’m glad I did. It was the kind of place I’ve was craving, in, I must admit, a slightly inebriated state.

photo 1

Piñata and all. This place has just about the right level of random.

You know the place, where there’s no pre-tense, no gloss, no bull shit. A hole in the wall kind of place. Where, there’s personality behind the counter. No orchestrated customer service check-list from HQ, you get what you get here. In my opinion, there’s not enough of this in London these days.

What there is in London is a lot cuisine of a particular style (dare I say fad?), milked till it’s exhausted. Often more “brand experience” than substance.

Burrito brothers isn’t this, it is, just what it is. A jam packed burrito, pumped up with whatever you wanted – pork, beef, chicken, veggie, or can’t decide? They mix up fillings too. A beer? Sit down, we’ll bring you it, with a splice of lime. We sat out the back in the summer evening air.


There are a lot of Burrito places in London and I’ve not tried that many, so I can’t say whether the quality is out of this world, or simply satisfying when drunk. But I remember it was hot and bulging. A few colleagues had lunch there the day after, and they enjoyed.

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Burrito BrosClerkenwell
17 Clerkenwell Road
EC1M 5RD London
Reviewer: Jared
August 6, 2013
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