Home Hill Winery, Tasmania (Review)

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I hadn’t never been to Home Hill before. I say that, because on most trips to Tasmania I tend to visit one or two of the growing list of Tasmanian wineries come restaurants. But in the three years’ since I’d visited, Home Hill, in the beautiful Huon Valley, an hour south of Hobart, had become a popular spot, thanks to it’s restaurant, helipad and reception venue.

The first thing that is noticed on arrival is the striking modern building, housing the restaurant and shop. The lunch time menu was robust – meaty, but well priced and with wine recommendations to boot. Something about the MS-Word art printed CCTV warnings which placarded the reception and a slight awkwardness from the staff bought the tone down a little. Luckily, as we sat and sunk into the room, the wall of windows bought in the stunning vista of green vines on yellowed grass, I sank in.

The starter of roast mushrooms topped with a battered white mushroom was great. The heartiness of mushrooms with the sharp contrast of parmesan and a sweet, citrusy dressing. The freshness and local sourcing was evident. My hopes were raised.


My dining partner had a tasting platter, with a selection of local delicacies including pate, scallops and oysters. Again, fresh and local, from what we could tell.


For main I had the rib-eye. Not usually a big meat eater, I thought I would give this a go and while it looked impressive, the meat was too stringy and gristly – disappointing considering the other local produce had been so good.


We finished with a mega chocolate platter. It was super rich but really good. Well balanced. And we devoured the lot, so much so we had to climb a mountain afterward to work off some of the calories.


Home Hill did the job. I got a taste of the Tasmanian winery experience and had an enjoyable day trip to boot. The food was solid: mostly good produce and well put together. I felt let down by a few corners cut which could have made this a really special meal, in keeping with the incredible environment in which it was served.

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Home Hill WineryHuon Valley, Tasmania
38 Nairn Street
Ranelagh, Tasmania, 7109, Australia
Reviewer: Jared
December 31, 2012

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